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  • Boda Acrylic’s waterfall coffee table adds just the right light catching detail to this calm room. Using the finest super clear and thick acrylic makes all the difference.

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  • Elegantly crafted and able to stand on its own, yet able to play well with others. Our large “C” side table lets this antique Oushak rug and Milo Baughman chair shine.

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  • Rug or no rug, our 42” square coffee table makes any room glow. Look how magically our table blends with the organic mix of wood, leather, velvet, orchids and art.

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  • Boda Acrylic’s plant has been making custom pieces for NC designers for 60 years. Thanks to the Internet, we can now share our pieces across the US. This custom table features an elegant lacquered top.

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  • This elegant pastel room comes to life as the soft colors bounce around and through our 1” thick “Z” table. We think this Jean Louis Deniot for Baker chair agrees.

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  • Boda Acrylic’s “I” table has gorgeous beveled edges that capture the light. Our high quality thick acrylic sets the tone for this nighttime glamour.

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  • Elegant and versatile. Our large “C” side table turned to make a small coffee table becomes the perfect accent for this intimate sitting area.

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  • Why use just one? These “C” tables are both gorgeous and functional, especially when used together. We love how the light catches the edges and reflects on this copper tub.

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  • Our custom 2” thick acrylic banister added a playful touch to these basement stairs.

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  • Our petite “C” table becomes a surprising yet peaceful riser for this powder room vignette.

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  • This custom bronze acrylic podium is 25 years old. Boda Acrylic’s plant creates exceptionally hand-crafted pieces that stand the test of time.

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  • Functional elegance. Our 2″ round table has a glass inset top that gives this classic beauty a “clear” leg up on durability. Use as a side table or group two or three as stunning coffee tables.

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  • This coffee table is just as stylish today as it was the day we made it in 1971. Holly Hunt may even agree; after all, her chair will look fabulous after 46 years too.

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  • Our beveled edge “I” table complements both Knoll’s Platner gold arm chair and Kate Long Stevenson’s bold abstract painting.

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